The aim of this site is the professionals’ training.


In this section you will find bibliographical references (including full text) sorted by topic that symbolize our efforts’ guiding light. Sedation, analgesia and delirium management in ICU move few business interests and are characterized by protocols including organizing and cultural requirements that are hard to introduce in everyday clinical practice (either in workload or in collaboration among different professional profiles).


Despite difficulties, the opportunity to improve mortality rate and quality of life of patients discharged by ICU is too important to be ignored by trained professionals.

That’s the reason why, in addition to bibliographical references, we tried to gather the required tools for a correct neurological evaluation in high-risk critical patients.


At last, we offer you some training videos in order to lead your daily clinical practice.

Any suggestion, tip or comment will be well accepted: we don’t want to impose our idea, our aim is to provide you efficient tools in order to turn training into improvement of ICU patients care.


Un reparto di Terapia Intensiva è un unico organismo… Non si può curare gli ammalati senza prendersi cura anche degli operatori.

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Gestire il dolore

ico-flowchartdoloreFlowchart dolore

Gestire la sedazione

ico-flowchart-sedaz-agitFlowchart sedaz/agitaz

Gestire il delirium

ico-flowchart-deliriumFlowchart Delirium
ico-manuale-cam-icuManuale CAM-ICU
ico-schedalavoro-cam-icuScheda di lavoro CAM-ICU


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