The abstract of the whole is in these three papers:

- Pain Management icon 


- Sedation Management icon


- Delirium Management icon 

We believe they may be useful in your daily practice and for a reflection about treatment strategies usually discussed during "clinical briefing".

Stick them at the wall or just keep them in your pocket note, in your palm or in your Hospital Guidelines. We think they can really improve critical patients' outcome!


These flow-chart have been edited after a decades experience and cooperation between nurses and physicians.

We translated in Italian the universal flow-chart of German 2010 guidelines and we tried to integrate it with publications of Wesley Ely& co. you can find in





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If your Intensive Care Unit cooperate in the research project "Innovative   sedation strategies in high risk critically ill" you will be able to enter with credentials you've been sent via e-mail.

If you are an "external visitor" you can download and use them filling the form.

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Un reparto di Terapia Intensiva è un unico organismo… Non si può curare gli ammalati senza prendersi cura anche degli operatori.

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Gestire il dolore

ico-flowchartdoloreFlowchart dolore

Gestire la sedazione

ico-flowchart-sedaz-agitFlowchart sedaz/agitaz

Gestire il delirium

ico-flowchart-deliriumFlowchart Delirium
ico-manuale-cam-icuManuale CAM-ICU
ico-schedalavoro-cam-icuScheda di lavoro CAM-ICU


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