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Intensive Care Unit


The ICU of San Paolo hospital in Milan is a recognised  centre of excellence for clinics and training in intensive care. In the last few years the ICU team has developed a series of advanced guidelines for treatment of acute illnesses, particularly metabolic ones, and for management of sedation, under the guidance of Professor Gaetano Iapichino and clinics supervisor Dr. Andrea Noto.

The constant presence of Anesthesiology and Intensive care residents and medicine students witnesses the solidity of the School founded by Professor Giorgio Damia in the 70s and built with determination and far-sighted/forward-looking vision in order to form evidence-based skills.

The research fields and original papers published in recent years concern:

  • Metabolic / nutritional control

  • Sedation / analgesia

  • Resource management / benchmarking / severity scores

  • Not invasive ventilation


Curriculum Vitae


Clinical and Medical Psychology Service (CMPS)


CMPS, directed by Professor Egidio A. Moja, takes care of primary psychic suffering and of psychic suffering due to organic disease through the combined efforts of psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, nurses, and educators. The Service has a predominant role in the field of clinical psychology in Milan and in Lombardy. Service activity is closely related to the School of Clinic Psychology and to the University Centre for research on relational aspects in medicine (C.U.R.A.) of the Università degli Studi of Milan. This collaboration has made possible the creation of a videorecorded clinical consultations archive with thousands of records, and the training and research activity on doctor-patients relationship.

CMPS and C.U.R.A. centre research fields concern:

  • Giving bad news to patients and relatives

  • Chronic patients education

  • Communication with painful patients

  • Communication with cancer patients


Since 2005 CMPS and CURA centre cooperate in clinical activities and in research and training. is one of the results of this collaboration and is an example of integration between medicine and psychology to get a continuous and effective education consistent with actual workloads.



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Psychiatric Department


San Paolo hospital Mental Health Department is directed by Professor Silvio Scarone, Psychiatry Ordinary Professor of Università degli Studi di Milano and Chief of UOP 52 dell’AO San Paolo. The clinical activity of UOP 52 take care of Psychiatric Department and Day-Hospital, but also of outpatient clinics (two Psychosocial Centers), rihabilitation clinic (Daytime Center) and residencial clinic (Protected community). the medical staff is composed of Psychiatic specialists and residents.

The university researcher Dr. Orsola Gambini is the coordinator for the supervision on post-traumatic stress syndrome prevalence in Milan hospitals that participate to the investigation on Innovative Sedation Strategies for ICU patients.


Curriculum Vitae

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In Terapia Intensiva collaborano molte persone con ruoli diversi. Solo grazie al contributo di tutti, pazienti compresi, si possono raggiungere risultati eccellenti.

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Gestire il dolore

ico-flowchartdoloreFlowchart dolore

Gestire la sedazione

ico-flowchart-sedaz-agitFlowchart sedaz/agitaz

Gestire il delirium

ico-flowchart-deliriumFlowchart Delirium
ico-manuale-cam-icuManuale CAM-ICU
ico-schedalavoro-cam-icuScheda di lavoro CAM-ICU


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