Our research project deal with operators formation focused on the use of validated tools for neurological monitoring, but there's more...

The efficacy of in changing nurses and intensive care medical doctors' "clinical habits" is the third step (Work Package 3 - WP3) of a research project approved and funded by Regione Lombardia entitled "Innovative sedative strategies in high risk critically ill" which include ...



... other three research protocol as well.


In the first step of this research project (WP1) we are comparing two different strategies for critical patients sedation: we will compare the efficacy and the feasibility of a protocol based on enteral sedation (melatonine + idrossizine + eventually lorazepam all administered orally) versus intravenous sedation (propofol or midazolam in continuous infusion). For this purpose we realized a dedicated web site for collecting data whom access is free for all WP1 participant centers (

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If you are interested in collaborate in this sperimentation you can report your Intensive Care Unit writing or phoning us. We will be glad to evaluate an eventual collaboration with us!


In WP2 we compared the pharmacokinetic of three different melatonine formulation in critical patients:

- oral standard

- oral solid lipid encapsulated nanoparticles

- transdermal solid lipid encapsulated nanoparticles

At last in WP4 we want to evaluate the efficacy of a multimodal intervention in lowering symptoms of anxiety and depression in patients discharged from Intensive Care Unit and in theirs relatives (

Stiamo assistendo in Terapia Intensiva ad una profonda sfida culturale: pazienti svegli, parenti presenti, staff consapevole dei limiti e delle possibilità. Non è facile "cambiare testa", ma è il primo passo per stare meglio. Tutti.

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