An Interdisciplinary, Family-Focused Approach to Relational Learning in Neonatal Intensive Care.


Meyer E.C, Brodsky D, Hansen A.R, Lamiani G, Sellers D.E, Browning D.M.


J Perinatol 2011 Mar;31(3):212-9.


Objective: the aim of this study is to show the efficacy of the Program to Enhance Relational and Communication Skills-Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (PERCS-NICU).

Study design: in this study, 74 practitioners attended workshops and completed baseline, post-training and follow-up questionnaires.

Results: on yes/no questions, 93 to 100% reported improved preparation, communication skills and confidence post-training and follow-up. A total of 94 and 83% improved their ability to establish relationships, and 76 and 83% reported reduced anxiety post-training and follow-up, respectively. On Likert items, 59 and 64% improved preparation, 45 and 60% improved communication skills and confidence, 25 and 53% decreased anxiety and 16 and 32% improved relationships post-training and follow-up, respectively. Qualitative themes included integrating new communication and relational abilities, honoring the family perspective, appreciating interdisciplinary collaboration, personal/human connection and valuing the learning. In total, 93% applied skills learned, three-quarters transformed practice and 100% recommended PERCS-NICU.

Conclusions: after PERCS-NICU, clinicians improved preparation, communication and relational abilities, confidence and reduced anxiety when holding difficult neonatal conversations


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